Carlin Capital Partners

Investment Profile: Businesses We Seek

Carlin Capital Partners is an opportunistic acquirer and investor, and will consider a range of investment opportunities, however the following criteria should serve as a guideline for the types of businesses that we will likely find to be of most interest:

Financial Criteria
  Annual revenues less than $100 million
  Annual EBITDA/cash flow of less than $5 million
  Less than 250 employees


Business Criteria
  Business model
    Service providers
    Media / publishing / tradeshows
    Niche manufacturing or distribution
    Enterprise software
  Business characteristics
    Contractually recurring or otherwise predictable revenue streams
    Historically loyal and stable customer base
    Established and defensible market position
    Opportunity for growth through acquisition
    Focus of operations in North America

Situational Criteria
  Private companies
    Owner/operator contemplating retirement or estate planning
    Recapitalization to provide shareholder liquidity
    Desire additional financial and/or operating partner
  Public companies
    Non-core divisions or assets divestitures  
    Take private of thinly traded, micro-cap companies  

With rare exceptions, Carlin Capital Partners does not intend on making investments that meet any of the following criteria:

Investments in early stage/venture businesses or funding of business plans
Minority interests or other investments that do not provide meaningful influence or control
Businesses in the retail, consumer products, energy exploration and production, or biotechnology industries